1.   Where can I find Kaisercraft products?

Visit our online stockist directory. Here you will be able to see a listing of our stockists.

2.   But, can I purchase Kaisercraft products from Kaisercraft direct?

Yes, only by visiting a Kaisercraft Factory Outlet. Visit the Outlets page of the Kaisercraft website to get information on the current outlets.

3.   Where can I get instructions/workshop magazine or ideas?

For great project ideas visit the projects. Or visit the Kaisercraft magazines page to download the Kaisercraft workshops. You can also visit the blog for even more great ideas.

4.   Where do I find out if Kaisercraft have any competitions/challenges on at the moment?

Visit the competitions page via the Kaisercrafties blog. Here you will find how you can win prizes and challenges from Kaisercraft.

5.   I'm new to scrapbooking. What are the basics I need to start scrapbooking?

To get started preserving your photos we recommend the following:

Once you have these basics you can then, according to your budget, add stickers, papers etc. to enhance the look of your pages. A good selection of patterned papers, cardstock and embellishments will get your started.

6.   How do you stick patterned paper onto Kaisercraft MDF album pages?

The best and easiest way to attach paper to our album pages is to lay your paper patterned side down, put glue (PVA/acid free/pritt glue/glue stick/mod podge) on the album page and lay on top of your paper. Try and put your glue on evenly, so it doesn't cause too many bubbles. As for punching holes, either use a crop-o-dile or draw your holes before gluing your paper and punch them out with a hole punch. Finish off your album by sanding the edges with a file set or sandpaper to get that professional finish!

7.   With mini/beyond-the-page albums, do you tackle each page like an individual layout or do you design it all as one?

Most scrappers treat each page as an individual layout, but generally use either the same embellishments/colour scheme/paper range to tie the whole album together. The great thing about scrapbooking is that there are no rules - do whatever you feel like!

8.   What is all the fuss about acid/Lignin free; and are Kaisercraft's products acid-free?

Anything that touches your photos should be acid-free and lignin-free, including paper, glue, markers and stickers. Why? Otherwise your photos will discolour and disintegrate more quickly than they would naturally. Products that are photo-safe will be labelled as such. Kaisercraft's patterned papers are photo friendly, however embellishments are not. If you look at many other manufacturers, most scrapbooking products these days are not acid-free or photo friendly.

9.   I am interested in starting digital scrapping, and don't understand how you print the pages once they are created. Can you advise me how this works please?

If you create a digital layout in A4 size (8.5 x 11.5 inches), these can be printed at home if you have a good quality printer. Larger layouts (such as the traditional layouts 12x12 inches) can be printed at your local digital printer.

10.   Can you please let me know how to upload pages/cards to your User Gallery? I have registered and logged in but cannot see anywhere to upload items.

Go to the gallery and login. On the main page, you will see a main 'toolbar' with 'My photos', 'My albums', 'my favourites' on the left. Then 'Home', 'search', 'profile' and 'UPLOAD PHOTOS' then 'logout'. If you can't see it, you might not be logged in correctly.

11.   Can I use your products in items I sell?

All Kaisercraft products are protected by copyright. We do allow our products to be used in items for sale (cards, pre-done layouts, collages, etc) as long as it is the original product that is being sold and credit to Kaisercraft is given. You may not reproduce our products in any way without written permission. If you would like to request written permission, you can email us through our website's contact page.

12.   I'm interested in become a Kaisercraft wholesale customer? Who can I contact?

Please visit the contact page for details. When you call or email please mention what country (and state) your are in and if you own a bricks-and-mortar or online store.

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